See both sides

People still think we should always think positively…
That is so wrong it can not be wronger…

And here you see the result:

This week, in Australia, a loving Father, posted the pictures of his beautiful smiling kids and spouse on Facebook. And 2 hours later he stabbed his 3 kids, burned his wife and finally stabbed himself…

What has caused this incident?

Suppressed negative emotions.

His wife and he had a body-building studio …

They were in a process of a separation…

The problem is positive thinking, …why?

With positive thinking you:

1. suppress your negative feelings,

2. and you don’t share how you feel and think honesty in a given awful situation or in misfortune … Because if you do so, your so-called friends value you as a negative person and leave you alone… I read again and again on Facebook: Leave negative people alone!!!!!!

The results are that we don’t get our negative emotions under our control when we have suppressed them over a long time and then such things can happen…
It is just so that you sit on dynamite and every moment you can explode!

I have attended the best Therapy groups with the best Therapists of the world many years ago..

In these groups, we were crying like crazy and releasing our anger and hate …
How awful?
And later we were lovely together and shared our love.
This happened every day in these groups.

1. Are only mad people attending such groups?

2. Or does such groups helped us to understand ourselves and other people much better?

3. Could we learn to accept and control our emotions better?

4. Could we understand that love has 2 pols?

5. Could we understand if we don’t release the negative emotions like anger and hate then we can’t love each other?

I remember there was a mother and she could not decide to separate from her children and husband…

She discovered how much she was hating her family… How awful?

Turiya (Princess of Hanover) one of the best Therapists, demanded that the mother should separate and should only think about her separation after the group.

How cruel?

Then the mother released all of her hate, anger, sorrow, and sadness on her family,- the relationship was saved!

Life is easy!

Positive thinkers will never understand that… because they like to save the world and are making one war after the next war against evil things.
And the positive Thinker can’t understand that they are the root of the evil!

We have to embrace everything also our hate and anger… If we do so, our negative emotions have no power anymore over us…
And that is meditation!
To watch and let happen what happens in us, without interfering!
No judging!

Before you can love somebody release your negative emotions without hurting anybody!

Just go to a gym and make brutal hard exercises or fight or box against a sack… or make your garden work…

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