Rudi Zimmerer

What we do for our self, determines our life.

My video: What we do for our self, determines our life.

If we are together with our spouse then we want to do everything together, because we love our spouse.
What is if our spouse doesn’t like:
To go up early in the morning and to exercise?
To meditate/pray everyday?
To make therapy?
To have a healthy breakfast?
To be a vegan?
To save money instead of over spending?
To make goal setting?
To live a healthy life, instead of to eat junk food, industrial processed food?
Or what is if our spouse like:
To See TV every night instead of making love, meditate, exercise, talk, play with the kids?
To smoke?
To lie and cheat?
To gamble?
To take drugs and to drink a lot?
Go shopping and to overspend… ?

We have to chose for ourself individual what is right for us, regardless what our spouse prefers. Otherwise we never get the things that we want, we make our spouse responsible for what we didn’t had done because of him/her…
And what is if our relationships ends, we are bankrupt, because of overspending; fat, drug addicted, lazy, unmotivated, purposeless, in a bad shape,… At the end it counts only what we have done for ourself!!!

Even more I make my Chi Gong/exercise/meditation everywhere, regardless what people think about me, this means Chi Gong in the Airport, Bus station, train station, in the Aircraft, at work… because I care for my body and I think everybody should do it…
Write down, what You like to do or should do if you would not be together with… or in this situation right now. And then do it… Live your dream life now and don’t post phone it!

Ask yourself, why you have chosen your spouse, and not a guy who has very much in common with you?
The answer is maybe: so higher the polarity/difference so higher is the love/attraction.

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