Rudi Zimmerer

Self Love
In this turbulent time, we lack love.
Do we need a new lover or to refresh our love for our dear ones?
Or do we start to love first ourselves?
How can we love when we are under pressure or under stress?
Many questions and only one simple exercise that gives you the love back.
Be yourself and love yourself. This is a great exercise to love yourself.
Do this exercise after you get out of bed in the morning, it needs only 5 minutes.
Stand in front of the mirror and look at your reflection for one minute. Imagine seeing your girlfriend/boyfriend in the mirror. Close your eyes and imagine that you are your girlfriend/boyfriend, and then say everything you would like to hear from your girlfriend/boyfriend for two minutes. Open your eyes and look again in the mirror.
Isn’t it amazing how you have changed in these two minutes when you love yourself? Please do this exercise at least one month every morning after you wake up.
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