Selling Dreams and delivering B.S.

Today, in the past and in the future this formula works/worked and will work…

They present somebody who could never find the solution/recipe/healing … And then they sell some awkward solution that never will help…

Don’t buy in such Merry Tales…

These Merry Tales are sold from all Religions in the world (paradise/hell/enlightenment, moksha, never get reborn). Today the same Merry Tales are sold from about 50% of the Advertisement on the internet.

How would it be if you believe in yourself, in your capabilities, instead to trust any internet advertisement?

I can tell you stories from me where I was incurable ill and healed them all by myself. Because I believe that every disease is curable with the help of God …

And I never wish that you will be in such worse situations I already was …

For instance, through an accident my back was incurable. Also, I had strong scoliosis. I always said to these awful doctors and even to the best orthopedic doctors… You are wrong! I did the opposite what they have recommended to me.
And today my back is straight and better than before.
Why? Because I did the opposite what the doctors were telling me!!!

Question: Do you still believe in these Titles or positions?
You need just to be an American President then everything is true?! Or what?
The people getting the positions or titles to exploit better people.

I believe in God and never believe in anything until I have tried it out!!!
For me is God real, so real like you!
Before, I was an atheist who got never baptized in any Religion…
I don’t need to be baptized, or I don’t need any Religion, to be religious…. For what?
Religions want to sell their dreams to become rich.

And do you think that any sold strategy of the internet had helped me…? For sure not!! Because all of these B.S. strategies offered on the internet to cure your back has only one idea to make money…

Trust yourself, trust God and never trust anybody who makes a living with:

I have an easy strategy with miracles cure…
With my strategy, everybody is getting rich
I always win on the stock market…

There will rarely be any strategy that is easy to implement and gives you all that you want!

You don’t get anything for free… only this block…

My Video: Selling Dreams and delivering B.S.
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
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