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Sigma Male compared to Alpha Male


The Alpha males are the true leaders in the society.
If you see real experts and wonder why they are not profiting from their expertise or why they are not leading many people…
Then you recognize a Sigma person…
So the Alpha person likes to lead a group, and mostly they are not the strongest, smartest, or best in the group that they are leading…
Females like to mate with Alpha males and dislike most the underrated Sigma…
Sigmas are the lone wolves that are not integrated with a group of wolves, they hunt by themselves and are even stronger than the alpha wolves…
The alpha wolves hate them and so does the entire group.
The Sigma wants
To be themselves.
Not a part of a group…
Wants his freedom.
Wants to be creative.
Wants to think out of the box.
Loves Solitude, because Solitude allows them to process, brainstorm, strategize, and make well-thought-out rather than irrational decisions.
Sigmas are also high achievers…
Steve Jobs, Quinten Tarantino, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Niki Lauda, and Tom Cruise…
How do Sigma Males Approach Romantic Relationships?
They want to surrender and need to be alone.
They dislike playing games with people’s feelings.
They are introverts, and females hate introverts, so the females have to take the first step.
Still, females love adventures and so they are magically attracted to them.
As their partner, you’ll need to understand and support them. Neediness and clinginess in a relationship may push them away. Naturally, then, sigma males will seek out partners that are independent, confident, and self-reliant as they are.
Alpha males are quite outgoing, social, bold, and talkative.
Women adore and admire alpha men too, because of their take-charge attitude, power, prowess, and social influence. The alpha male is a natural-born leader and provides a strong supporting arm to his partner.
1. The sigma male is introverted, unlike the outgoing alpha.
This confident guy lives his life, mostly in solitude, and doesn’t concern himself with standing out in a crowd. Sigma males don’t follow the crowd.
2. The sigma is dominant, although not as dominant as alpha males.
They can take charge of a group and get things done just the same as alphas, but without needing to be loud or bossy; hence they’re described as “silent leaders.”
3. The sigma is confident like the alpha male, but not cocky. Because he is the true expert and they don’t have to prove that!
4. The Sigma doesn’t conform to societal rules as his alpha counterpart. He is that he knows what he wants and how to achieve it.
5. The sigma thrives on solitude whereas the alpha male needs social stimulation.
He enjoys his own company and is happy being by himself. If it’s a guy who is outgoing and loud, it’s more than likely an alpha.
6. The sigma is flexible and adapts to changes instead of being rigid like the alpha male.
7. The sigma doesn’t want to press or suppress others. Still, they need to get things done. So they have to come up with solutions that are not hurting … The Alphas don’t care, they are pushy and aggressive to get things done.
8. The sigma is highly self-aware while the alpha male struggles with emotional intelligence.
I want you to have more patience with Sigma males… I am a 100% Sigma male.
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