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Simple Way to Get Rid of Toxins in our joints.

Tapping The ‘Eight Nests’

We accumulate during our life a lot of toxins in our joints.
These toxins will eventually harm our joints.

When I changed my diet from vegan to raw food I recognized that my joints were working much softer and easier when I did my Tai-Chi (Tai-Chi are very slow smote movements). This means, that before I changed my diet I had toxins in my joints.

The Chinese Kung Fu monks don’t eat raw so they have created strong taping on the joints to remove the Toxins.

Should the Taping hurt a little bit? For sure!

The “Tapping The ‘Eight Nests” addresses the toxins in our Elbow joints, shoulder joints, tight joints, and knee joints.

We should tap strong, at least 36 times every one of our joints with our two hand palms and the tight joints with our hand edges (Karate hand).

We hit all joints where it bends inside when moving and not from the outside.

1. Elbow joints, from the left and right arm.
We tap the elbow joints with our hand palm, when the arm is straight and not bent.

2. Armpits from the left and right arm.
Lift up your arm so that you can easily tap with your hand palm the area of your armpit.

3. Groin area on the tight joint.
With both hand edges (karate hand) you tap in a “V-shape” the bikini slip area of your groins.
This means: The tip of the lower “V- shape” is pointing to the sex organ and the upper arms of the “V-shape” are pointing to the hips.

4. With both hands you hit the back side of your knee joints.

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