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STOP chasing your goal

You get excited to do your new goal-setting to improve yourself or get the things that you desire…

You work like crazy.

Do everything, that you can do.

And finally, you sabotage your own work…

What had happened?

Did you have done everything?

What did you miss…?

We are not robots!
We are emotional beings that can think and even worse, most of all people above 95% (Bob Proctor) can’t think independently…

In chasing our goals we have suppressed our emotions in order to function efficiently.

Even the Sufis, for instance, Attar said that 1000 years ago, without having studied psychology!

And similar was told by Krishna 3000 years ago to Ajunta on the battlefield… Read the Gita.

The Sufis are saying we have veils in front of our eyes so that we can’t see the Lord…
We have different veils…
The white veils are our morality that hinders us from seeing the Lord!

A true Sufi can adapt to every rule and can break every rule!

After we have been forced us to stick to rules in order to get things done or to see the Lord.
We should break these rules for a specific time so that we detach ourselves from our own tyrannic regime…

For instance, Krishna was telling Ajunta that the worst that can do a Fighter is to praise himself… so now praise yourself otherwise you can’t fight effectively…

But it is even much more, Attar said when you feel proud of what you have done…
You can’t see the scorpions/demons inside of yourself that can bite you in every moment!


For instance: the goal of self-improvement.

Until you get to 80% or 90% self-improvement.
You miss the other half of the picture.
The self-improvement side is only the half of the journey.
The other half is self-acceptance and self-healing.

If you don’t work on your acceptance or healing… your journey will lead to failure.

Until you can’t accept the symptoms of chronicle diseases you can’t be healed …

With self-acceptance, you find peace where you are.
Enjoying the here and now.
Loving yourself with all of your shortcomings.
There is no upper limit for self-acceptance and love.
But an upper limit for self-improvement.

Why is the self-acceptance hard?

The 3 obstacles:

If there is anything that is uncomfortable, you will suppress it, or escape or project it.

1. The suppression of our negative emotions/beliefs/resistance to getting things done for our goals leads to self-sabotage.

You don’t like to get up early, work hard, get abused…
So you suppress your negative emotions, discomfort, and anger in order to get things done.

Example: we have a garbage/trash can and fill it up with our trash, then we push the trash down instead to get rid of the trash… , and again and again, we squeeze more and more trash in the trash can…
But you have to get rid or let go of your negative emotions otherwise the garbage/trash can will burst and so is it with our suppressed emotions.

2. Is to escape or procrastination
What are your escapes to being unproductive, looking at YouTubes, gambling, and wasting your time?

3. Projection
So you project your problems on other people and make their life to hell. Works well for relationships, blemish, abuse…???!

Until you expose your suppressed emotions and feel them you become your own enemy.
You need to work on your self-acceptance by letting go of your negative emotions instead of suppressing them.

The solution:
If you keep hearing the same thing about yourself, it might be true.

What is the common criticism that you encounter from other people?
In marketing, it means, that if one person is criticizing, maybe 10, or 100 people agree or think the same but don’t speak it out.
Take criticism seriously and look to improve.
Ask yourself:

1. What am I avoiding, suppressing, escaping, projecting…?
2. What advice would I give someone in my situation?
3. Developing Mindfulness Meditation practice.
4. Therapy, because it unlocks a lot for you.

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