Stop Taking a Calcium Supplement

Throw your Calcium Supplement in the garbage, so that it never can harm anybody else.

Your bones will never get stronger, but worse through Calcium Supplement and the very same is true for processed milk… The processed milk reduces the calcium in the bones!
Later I explain the solution…

Science has proved that to 100% in the last couple of years!
The calcium supplements increase the risk of having a negative outcome for other medications and for different organs.

1. There is no scientific evidence ever produced that calcium supplements will prevent osteoporosis, fractures, or will strengthen the bones.
Only experts proclaimed that without any evidence!!!!!!

2. We have over 5000 mammals Species and there exist only 1 Species that drinks milk as an adult and only 1 Species that gets osteoporosis… That is the human.

3. There exist 195 countries and the countries with the highest consumption of milk and calcium supplements have the highest rate of osteoporosis and fractures!
The countries with the lowest consumption of milk or calcium supplements have the lowest rate of osteoporosis and fractures.

4. Calcium supplements or milk intake increases the risk of heart attack, kidney stones, prostate, and ovary cancer.


The solution for stronger bones, joining:

1. Weight lifting, jogging, trekking (best with a heavy backpack), brisk walk…

2. Boxing, Kung Fu, and Qigong, exercise Iron-Shirt II and III (Mantak Shia) works for 1000 of years already.

3. Natto, Japanese Formula for special fermented Soybeans. Works for 100% for 800 years already!

4. Jarrow Formulas MK-7, Vitamin K2 as MK7, take 2 Soft-gels per day, a small risk of blood clotting, ask your physician. And take Vitamin D. This formula drives the calcium from your blood into the bones. The same and even better is Natto.


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