Strategies to stop self-sabotaging

Most of the Strategies to prevent self-sabotage are not working…
Because these strategies put us even more under pressure to be productive and will make our inner child furious, so that our inner child will sabotage our wanted outcome…

I have tried to see such a stupid YouTube with 4 strategies to stop self-sabotaging…

This guy had a writer block and was even forcing himself to be productive…
For instance, if we position our desk in the creative direction (Feng Shui) of the room (west), then we will be much more creative without to put us under pressure.

I was dyslexic, I could not write, even I was a stutterer and now I am writing in a foreign language. When I stopped to put myself under pressure, I stopped to stutter and even learned to a certain degree to write… (still, I can’t write nesseccary…oops again wrong, B. S. word)

And God said “Love your enemy!”, and I obeyed him and loved myself.
(Khalil Gibran) Yes, love your inner child, problem solved!!!

We are a slave of our habits!!!
If we want to do something new or better our old bad habits will kick in…
To break a habit or even form a new habit needs up to 3 months and even then we have to enforce our new habit, for the rest of our life.

Think over, you want to become a millionaire (I know a billionaire is better) when you even do the same…
The risk is higher and your fears kick in:

I will lose all of my friends (and that is true).
People like to cheat me (and that is true).
More responsibility (and that is true),
And my traumas about money will prevent that…

Only when it is the most important thing for you to become that millionaire, you can overcome every obstacle, every fear…

You have to make a decision: regardless of what,
I do it…
I go through my comfort zone…
And this urge to reach your destination/goal is like to face your death…
Actually, you are doing so… You are facing your ego death in this specific area!

Solution: get a therapist and a life coach and get rid of your fears, traumas and you will get your outcome much easier. Is this possible??? Or do you want to suffer like crazy…

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