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The 6-Step Formula To Become A MILLIONAIRE In 2023

(How To Build Wealth)
How to build wealth within 15 years to retire and have enough money.
You have your income – expenses = investments + saving
Savings are not for becoming wealthy, they are for protection in emergencies.
Investments make you rich.
You have to reduce your expenses and increase your income.
What is the mindset to do so?
To have a Minority mindset to think differently than the mass, the majority of people are broke.
You have to change your mindset to change your outcome.
First, you believe you can do it
Then you educate yourself and make the right actions.
This means, you will make many mistakes, but still you keep trying and learning from your mistakes.
Build up self-esteem, and confidence, and believe in yourself.
6 steps:
1. Step. Save as fast as possible 2000$
2. Step. You have to pay back your debts on your credit cards/loans… as fast as possible.
Credit cards are good because they protect your purchase, but debts on credit cards are bad. Because the interest rates are too high 15-25%. The average American has $60200 debt on his credit cards…
3 Step. Lead your money and invest.
 Save money for emergencies (3 to 12 months of the expenses of one year.), big purchases, and for investments.
Create a system that you trust and invest your money in.
From your income save 15 to 25% and this will never change regardless of how your income change.
You can passively invest directly in ETFs Funds (and you don’t sell your asset, regardless if the market is going up or down. Or put the money aside for future investments, stocks, rental houses…
4. Interest-free living…
The strategy buy now pay later makes the firms rich and you poor. If you can’t pay the price for the purchase back within a certain time, you have to pay high fines.
We have the choice to pay back the mortgages/debt every month or to invest…
Investment is a risk, but then you can choose to invest in yourself, your business…
You have the choice between, you can afford it or you can buy it.
If You can’t afford 5 of the same things, then you should not buy them.
To buy a house with a mortgage is the exception…
5. Multiply income
How to raise your income?
As a normal employee, you look for a promotion, look for a bonus, take a second job, change firm for higher income, educate yourself to get a better job… Look on the internet for better opportunities, or work as a freelancer. Build your own business… And spend as less money as possible.
It depends on the mindset and not so much on the toolset…
6. Greatness
Learn to Protect yourself because many people reach out to you, to get free money from you.
Can you help me?  You get tired of helping others and get sucked out… Learn to say No.
Then you need the right insurance, advisers, Attorney…
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