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The Art to be an egoist!

The Art to be an egoist!
You think now very bad about me… that I will motivate you to become an egoist… Be open for that!
How can you love other if you don’t love yourself?
If we don’t value ourself, how can we value other people?
If we don’t appreciate ourself, how can we appreciate other people?
If we don’t compliment ourself how can we compliment other people?
If we are not honest to ourself, how can we honest to other people?
If we don’t adore ourself, how can we adore other people?
If we are not kindly to ourself, how can we be kindly to other people?
When we not appreciate and thankful for that, what we have accomplish in our life how can we appreciate and thankful to other people?
When we can’t forgive ourself for our failures, mistakes… how can we forgive other people?
If we see ourself negative or a failure… then we will see also the other people negative!
If you see yourself as successful, then you can also appreciate other peoples success. A. Robbins asked a guy, who is awesome happy: What is for you to be successful? He answered: that I am still alive!
When you don’t do what you like, how can you appreciate when people do what they like?
When we are jealous about thinks that other people do, why we don’t do them by ourself?
Why we held back and be angry when other people are doing the things what we like to do by ourself? Just do it!
Why we think about what other people think about us? Bob Proctor said, this is not my business what other people think about me!
Why we denied other people for thinks that we can’t do or don’t do? Just do it!
When we don’t tolerate ourself, what we are, or that we don’t give us the freedom to do what we like, because…. Then we never tolerate and accept other people! Because every person has then to fit in our template or Jail… How is it if we break out of our Jail, that we have constructed…
When we allow ourself only to think positive, how can we accept other people negativity, or even speak to them? After the law of polarity, if there is something negative then there must be the same amount something positive… regardless what we think we are cached in the prison of polarity… There is only one solution: to accept and welcome everything and then the thinking will stop… The problem is judging…

What is bad to think first on yourself?

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