The best Boss

The best Boss is father and mother to the same time. He cares more for the people then for his project. If he does so, then the people are caring for his project, and everybody loves to be in the team and to work for him.
Gustav Gründgens (one of the greatest Theater director and actor) and SAP CEO Dietmar Hopp said nearly with the same words: My creativity is, to let the colleagues their creativity. This means even you think, as the chief that your ideas are the best, you give your colleagues the chance to be creative, because then the team is much more motivated. Nothing is more important then the team, if team work is failing, the creativity and the productivity is down. This means the boss is serving his colleagues, in order that they can work with fun and effective. Let your Ego trips, serving is much better.
To be honest and to admit every mistake that you have done is the best for the group. Because if you admit as boss your mistakes, then for the other colleagues it is much easier to admit their own mistakes. Imagine you are planing an industrial automated production and one guy had done one mistake, but didn’t like to tell it, because of loosing his face … You start the production and I have seen that, that within minutes million of Dollars had been destroyed, the other time a whole color factory was exploding… I never will accept in such scenery, when people are lying and cheating… If you can trust your people, life is so much easier….
Every person in the team is important and need your appreciation/ and even your love. One guy alone, even very unimportant can destroy in the right moment all of your work… I have seen that in India again and again. My Father had created in his firm (real estate for firms/Industry plans) a system that everybody was participating on the profit. The salary was, depend on the position up to 90% from the profit of his project or from the whole profit…this means no profit – low salary. His firm was chosen as one of the most profitable firms with the highest salary in Germany; he was chosen as Manager of the year again and again. Sharing of the profit makes you rich!! Egoistical thinking will never work out for any boss.
I by myself was hating to be the leader, because I didn’t want to be responsible for a whole group, then I refused to be the leader. …The people were hating me…. Then I decided to be the best leader in the world…. And then I was chosen to be the best leader, regardless in which area.

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