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The Blue-Zones for longevity

A team of reporters had discovered attractive places where people live a lot longer. And their study became well known as Blue-Zone.
Ikaria, Greece
Nicoya, Costa Rica
Sardinia, Italia
Okinawa, Japan
Loma Linda, USA
Skaene/Smaeland, Sweden
What can we learn from the research of the Blue-Zone?
First, the journalists weren’t qualified to write about longevity!
Second, the Blue-Zone was created as a money making machine or as a Sensation.
In the Blue Area is not integrated the Hunzas (Pakistan) or the Chinese, Bama Yao County (China/Vietnam border), the oldest is 126 years old; or the Russian places.
Because these places are difficult to access,
doesn’t feel well for them,
are underdeveloped,
and have even no electricity, no smartphone, no internet…
Yes, people can enjoy their lives better without smartphones!
1.The diet mostly from the blue area is not so healthy, except for the Japanese place where people are smart and too smart for us.
2. The Attitude is the longevity drive Number one! We need a compelling reason to get out of bed… If this is missing then nothing can prolong our life!
4. Be happy and satisfied with what you have, with who you are together and with the work you do.
3. A social and spiritual environment that supports older people!
4. Only 3 meals per day, without industrially processed foods, eat only until the stomach is 80% full.
5. Stay thin and do your workouts.
6. No drugs! No alcohol or very few alcohols, no smoking.
7. Okinawa, Japan, we can learn so much, they get everything right and perfect for longevity.
A purpose to live.
Body exercises.
3 meals per day, all people are thin.
Japanese Plant-based food on the concept of Macrobiotics.
Macrobiotic: The Japanese concept that brings balance to your food.
Every Japanese meal includes probiotics through a variety of fermented food and
Soya sprouts.
No vegetable oil (including olive oil) as it produces aldehyde in the body…
All unsaturated fatty acids will produce aldehyde and even 4-HNE, the most toxic aldehyde in our body.
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