The curse to have options

My Video: The curse to have of options

How to get broken fast and efficient? Today we get overwhelmed from so many attractive offers to start a business or something new. We try something and then we see a better option and try that and at the end we fail. This is the best option to fail in every area of our life.
Imagine you flirt as a single with an attractive person, everything is running awesome; you make a date… And afterward you meet another person, and also this flirting works out, you make a date…. Do you think that this lifestyle brings you a great connection and loving relationship? For sure not!! Stick to one partner and surrender!
If this is true, than it is also true not to change your first chosen option/strategies, because we find quite often afterward better options….
This means to surrender to one chosen option until it works or is failing without any chance to get what you want; brings us farer, then to look for better or easier options. And this is exactly the teaching of T. Harv Ecker.
He by himself failed so many times until he discovered the why… and the why is: to look for better options, and not to chose to surrender to one option and to become the very expert.
I have made quite a lot of these so called business or marketing workshops… and then the next guy is asking me, do you go also to this seminar or even the speaker of this event want to sell you something more (up sale) before you even had the chance to try it out.
Mostly of the time even the stuff from the speakers didn’t worked out, for sure …. Dan Peña (the most successful business coach in the world) said the only thing what these marketing and business coaches are good for, is to make an up sale… This means they press us to buy their BS… Instead of to motivate us to try it out….This means the up sale is only good for the speaker…. We should experience what is working and then we can chose something more.
On the inner path the scenery are looking the same, the people trying out one Guru/technique after the next and never get any great results….

This means we should be ignorant for new options, until we have tried out the chosen option. Regardless what your friends, Gurus, speakers are thinking over you… What other people think about us, is their problem and not our business!!!

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