The difference between holy and normal people

They call themselves Sadguru, divine incarnation, Dalai Lama…

And the stupid mass, including me, believes in those titles.

I saw this video… I share at the end…

How a normal woman scared to death turned around the most dangerous school into a place of love. She risked her life to help these violent kids.
Instead, to punish them, she loved them.
And the kids got the chance to go to the university and even with a scholarship.

What to do with a very brutal kid that was beating up the other kids in the hospital?

The principal decided to let him play football…
Yes, and he became the best football player, got a scholarship to the University…

When I hear the positive thinkers, complain he/she has such a negative attitude, the best is to separate them from negative people…

How cruel… How awful…

You never have been in a crisis and then all your friends run away because of your negative attitude and then suicide…

Even if you don’t become a sad(h)guru or devi(l)ne incarnation or a spiting lama…

It is better to help people in crises…

My Video: The difference between holy and normal people
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