Rudi Zimmerer

The Dilemma of the Religions

1. The Religions want to tell us, everything that harmed/hurt us:
Is for a reason.
Is coming through our Karma.
Is coming from God, because everything is God…
So is not bad at all…
If you go into jail and teach that stuff…
Then the prisoners think about all the crimes that they have done:
Is a divine punishment.
Happened through Karma.
Happened unconscious.
And so is not bad at all.
2. At the same time the Religions are teaching us the 10 Commands or what is sinful…
If you act sinful you will be punished through the devil in hell or through bad Karma.
But both Theories are contradicting…
What to do?
In any case:
We should forgive.
We look deep inside our misfortune…
We find out everything has two sides good and bad. And both sides have the same size.
What are the positive aspects of our misfortune?
What can we learn?
What can we improve?
What is the message of our misfortune?
What has this to do with ourselves?
For instance, I had an accident, a vertebral disk got out of position and finally broke…
I could not meditate or work anymore…
I went to a Tibetan Doctor and she gave me Acupuncture when at the same time the big Tsunami (250000 people died) happened.
Normally I would stroll at the beach when the Tsunami happened, so the Acupuncture treatment saved my life.
The message was, it is best for me to leave the Ashram in India and start a new life.
I learned:
How to heal a broken disk and cure every back pain at least.
Unshakable Faith in self-healing and alternative healing.
Focus on the solution.
Never give up…
Today my back is better than ever before.
My strong scoliosis and spine are healed perfectly and that proves the last spine scan 100%.
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