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The emotions behind your money habits.

Your money habits reveal a lot about you; your hopes, fears, dreams, and other deep personal truths you may not even be aware of.
If we are aware of how, and why we spend money on certain things/problems/situations, then we can improve our lives.
What do we spend on things, reflecting on our life?
For instance, spending/craving for chocolate can reveal an unhealthy emotional pattern for seeking love, and compensation for our stress…
A disability to save money, even when earning a high salary.
The solution is to track and cut your expenses and find out when and why you want to spend money on meaningless things?
For instance, spending money on luxury/fashion clothes and shoes.
What do you want to emotionally compensate for?
The reasons might be to impress your friends with how fortunate you are; to compensate for minority feelings; to build up artificial confidence/happiness, finding meaning in life.
When you are depressed, exercise your body and that will improve your self-esteem and emotions; instead, go shopping.
The fear of relationships and losing money. Instead of building up healthy relationships, investing money in proper assets…
The fear of failure can be related to the fear of losing relationships and losing money.
This can be an avoiding strategy to build up healthy relationships and to invest money in proper investments.
Look at your bank transfers for the last 6 months.
The payoff from tracking our expenses can be huge.
Look how much money you spend on shopping, transportation, entertainment, food,…
When an expensive pattern is exposed, look what has this pattern to do with yourself?
Be curious, and honest with yourself.
It might not be obvious, but think over why have you done that spending?
What clues can be related to that overspending?
In which situations did you do that spending?
See what emotional pattern emerges?
We really want to face our fears and uncomfortable emotions that we cover up with shopping…
For instance, if we spend too much money on our hobby…
This is called the Gear Acquisition Syndrome.
An expensive camera gear doesn’t make a good photograph. Instead spending money on learning to photograph makes sense!!!!!
Honestly ask yourself what you really want, what you are lacking, and what do you want to compensate for buying things?
How would it be to spend money for a healthy lifestyle, travel, for yourself, your relationships…?
Maybe you think that you don’t deserve it?
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