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The Harder You Try. The Worse It Gets

The Insights of the Legendary Samurai Myanmoto Musashi, who won every dual, was famous for his 2 sword fighting…
In a world that teaches us to push harder, there lies a paradox that many of us fail to recognize.
Often the harder we try so worse it gets…
A counterintuitive notion that challenges everything.
We’ve been taught about effort and determination in today’s world.
We are often led to believe that the path to success is paved with relentless effort.
That we must push ourselves to our limits to achieve our goals.
But what if this is not true or even counterproductive…
If we understand that the great Samurai had encountered so many battles/combats and wars than hardly anybody before or afterward…
Which wisdom did he have to survive and win?
His path to success doesn’t involve straining ourselves to the breaking point.
How can we handle our challenges effectively?
His first strategy is  “Wu Wei” Or to do by not doing…
Second, we should master our emotions, thoughts, and actions.
This means we develop discipline, focus, and continuous self-improvement.
The best fighter is always calm!
Less is much more.
The principles of the great Samurai are to be effective, and efficient and not to waste energy, effort, and resources!
The highest principle is to be in the flow when acting…
Being in the flow means acting effortlessly and relaxed so that you are most effective, and fully immersed in the present moment.
If we run against a wall again and again and don’t get things done…
Consider whether our goal is really so important that we get fanatic to accomplish it?
So the more we build up tension in our body, soul, and mind so more ineffective and inefficient we become!
The best example is the war in Ukraine!
We have to compromise and be flexible and adaptive to get things done.
Dumping our energy, money, and resources in useless efforts to get things done is stupid.
Again the first principle is that we are relaxed and open to new solutions, that we adapt to the situations to get the things done.
And the highest goal is even that we are in the flow with all of our intension and doing…
Otherwise, we will not be in harmony with the world our doing and our environment and become inefficient.
Imagine do you really think that it matters on your deathbed, what you have accomplished and what you want to accomplish!
The second principle of the great Samurai was unattachment.
Be not attached and fully present and engaged without being controlled by your desires, fears, or expectations.
Giving your best without being consumed by your desires!
For instance, you design a new device as an engineer or paint a picture… Do you think that it is efficient to think all the time about your goal setting to make the best…?
For sure not! You are focused on the work and do the work at best!
That means we are in the flow…
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