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The Heritages of our parent’s Psycho

Finally, it is proved that our parents can pass their DNA of deep fear and self-sabotage from certain situations to their children.
The heritage of our parents is our DNA and if our parents, mainly of our fathers, went through traumatic experiences they can pass it on to us through their DNA.
Females produce all of their eggs/ovaries during their puberty and afterward, the ovaries will not change. Every day sperm are produced and so the DNA of the sperm is changing every day. This means that the father will give his kids through the sperm his most important traumatic experiences and even much more, like abilities…
Similar is written in the Bible and Srimad Bhagavatam, that a curse for bad deeds can go to the kids of that wicked person and even rarer for the next generations…
1990 -1992 experiments on rats were done:
All these examples that I describe here are proven studies for males.
200 male rats were put in an isolated environment.
The male rats were given an electrical shock when at the same time they smelt an orchard blossom fragrance.
Imagine you get an electrical shock and smell to the time an orchard blossom fragrance.
Then you would think the electrical shock is connected to this fragrance!
After some time the male rats got so scared to smell this orchard blossom fragrance.
The male rats mated with female rats and the baby rats tried their best to avoid this orchard blossom fragrance because they were so much scared.
The genes of the babies were not changed, but the DNA…
And even more, the traumatic experience from the male rats was passed on to the next generations of rats.
There was a study of white human males that had undergone a famine…
After this experience, what does not kill you, makes you stronger, …
The males got stronger through this experience, and even so, hungrier to avoid starvation to preserve themselves.
Their genes changed to stronger genes…
Their children of these males lived 36 years longer, got a much better immune system than the children with the same demographic, and with parents that never went through a famine.
200 years ago, American-African slaves went through so much torture and traumatic experience that even their genes changed for the worst…
If you compare today the diseases, of the white American and African-American populations, …
The Africans have far more high blood pressure, diabetes, and stress-related diseases, because of the anxiety of their ancestors.
Even more, the self-sabotaging effect of the African-Americans is so much higher…
Because of the DNA.
This we call transgenetic Inheritance, the genes of generations pass by to the next generation.
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