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The Most Radioactive Places on Earth

Besides that, the most radiation received by the smoker’s lungs…

Radiation is frightening.

With a Geiger counter, you can measure the ionizing radiation in Sieverts.

More than 2 Sieverts kill you within a short time.

We are exposed to low levels of ionizing radiation all the time.

We all have a low radiation already that never harms us…
Sleeping close to a person increases our radiation, but that amount is too little so it doesn’t matter at all like eating a banana.

A banana has 0.05 microsieverts… 0.000000005sieverts…
Or a city like Sydney has 0.15 microsieverts per hour.
Or Hiroshima has 0.3 microsieverts per hour.
An old Uranium Mine has 1.7 microsieverts

In an aircraft at a high altitude of 11000m, you do have 2.0 microsieverts, and close to the pols you do have 3 microsieverts.

Chernobyl Reactor has 5 microsieverts

Fujiyama 5-10 microsieverts/hours

The basement of the Hospital of Chernobyl has 2000 microsieverts/h…

A CT scan of your body can have 1000 to 10000 microsieverts /hours equal to about 3 years of background radiation.
Or X-Ray of your Belly and pelvis: 20000 microsieverts equal to about 7 years of background radiation.

For comparison, US radiation workers are limited to a maximum of 50000 microsieverts per year.

The most are the smoker’s lungs, they receive 160,000 microsieverts/h worth of radiation every year…
That’s due to the radioactive polonium and radioactive lead in the tobacco


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