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The Myth of Drinking 8 Cups of Water Per Day

Drink water when you are thirsty and forget dehydration…

Think over, everybody is different and can live in different environments, doing or not doing exhausting exercises, different diets…
Such a rule about how much you should drink doesn’t make sense. And I will prove that in this blog!

Drinking 8 cups of water a day is wrong!
This myth about drinking 8 cups of water comes from the 1940s by the National Academy of Science…
This Academy mentions also the intake of water includes eating vegetables, fruits, or food based on a person with a 2000-calorie-per-day diet.
The fruits and vegetables contain up to 95% water…
So actually it is not the 8 cups of water, that they mean.

What happens when you over-drink water?
After Chinese medicine terms, too much water can cause dampness in your spleen.
Dampness in your spleen could deplete Yang energy in your body. Because Yang is fire and the water can restrain it…
If the Yang energy is weakened it can cause water retention in your body, leading to edema, because Yang energy is an energy that moves the water, Qi in our bodies.
Drinking too much water could also cause stress in the heart and kidney and in serious cases it could lead to heart and kidney failure…

How much water we should drink?
Drink when you are thirsty like every other animal is doing so, and don’t stick to stupid rules designed by science to manipulate you.

What is it if you are afraid of dehydration?
Our body is created like all other bodies to make sure to survive…
Your body feels thirsty long before you are dehydrated. And your body will tell you that!

Even when we can’t drink for a longer time period, for instance, after s surgery and feel thirsty… You will not die!


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