The Price of Yesterday

I looked at the lyrics: Yesterday, when I was young.

In different ages we have to live different things. (Vasanas)

When we are young our sexual drive must be high because we should procreate.
And the old people reject that!

The price of yesterday is not to have lived that wildlife!

Tomorrow you can’t live that, because this time is over!

I have lived such wildlife, tried out so many things and I was never controlled by the fear of the society.

When we are born, we have only 2 fears, to drop down and the fear of loud noise.

All the others fears are learned fears! And so not true!

For instance, Fear to look foolish…

To ask means to be a fool for five minutes.
Not to ask means to remain a fool for your whole life!

The people even afraid to ask what they want in their life.

Our freedom of choice we let dictated by the society!

And so, we are a product of these hypocrites…

When we are old, we realize that we lost so many years to get appreciated.

For what? Instead to get our fun.

We don’t have to prove anything!

I even was a monk after my wild time to see beyond and to see where is the real source of happiness and love.
But without living the wild and dangerous games I would never have the drive to go beyond.

I let go, to be a monk after over 10 years in meditation retreats to live again a wild life in the world. But with a different perspective…

I kept and nurtured my connection to God and learned so much more about the spiritual path. This I never could learn as a monk.
I faced again so many times the death, even my whole body was paralyzed.
Yes, I failed often. It was painful and also very joyful!
But I kept going and saw the light!

Wisdom is
To live it…
To experience it. Until I have experienced it, I don’t know it!
To try it out instead to watch it or to read about it.

Stupid is to know it and not to live or to do it.

Book knowledge is mostly an obstacle because we think we know it and in reality, we are afraid to live it.

I saw my mother always reading Love stories, but there was no love or caring for another person in our family. The most important thing in our family was money and fame.
How dreadful!

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