The prison is your mind.

By Sean Stephenson
Sean has no legs, no teeth, and crumpled arms…

1. Never believe any prediction that is not empowering you.
The doctors told Sean’s mother after the birth; your son will die in 24 hours…
Sean has already over-lived the doctors who have said that…
So many people believe in negative Karma and cannot get the life that they want…
India was crippled by their Karma faith and got again and again conquered…
Karma is nonsense so also a negative prediction.
Only stick to positive prediction, let all the other predictions go…

2. The worst drug is a pity…
The moment you feel sorry for another person or yourself, you are wrong and weak.
You are not your condition!
So, Sean said he is not disabled.
The only disable is to refuse to adapt.
You have to adapt to every situation that you are in.
And that is your freedom.
Adaption is celebration.
If you celebrate your life then all the other people will be attracted to you.
So, your attitude is what you are.
And Sean is not afraid, insecure, or feels that he is not enough… he is strong!

3. The real prison is your mind…
And everybody has a mind so he is living in jail?
Don’t feel sorry for yourself that cripples you…
Don’t beat yourself up, bully yourself, instead accept yourself.
The salvation is to go into your heart.
And for that is designed Meditation.
Meditation is to go into the heart and find peace in the mind.
The mind chatting will be over with the Meditation. Because by watching and accepting the thoughts; the thoughts lose their power and then you connect with the divine.
Drop in your heart instead of doing positive thinking…
Everybody is looking for love…
Would it not be better if everybody loves himself?
Love yourself, only then you are free and you don’t live in a prison.

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