The psychological results of 83000 brain scans

Daniel Amen had found out by doing 83000 brain scans (link at the end):

1.) how our psychology alters through a brain injury and ageing;
2.) what specific diseases are caused by brain damages!!!
3.) And how to cure brain damages through brain rehabilitation.

1.)That even small brain damages through physical (accident)and psychic traumas in our childhood and adulthood can lead to:

A.) All kind of psychology diseases and misbehavior.

B.) Epilepsy.

2.) That most criminals in the jail have a background of skull traumas that lead to the Crimes they have done.

3.)That dementia starts with the age of 30 years and can be cure through brain rehabilitation.

What causes brain damage?

1.) Sports like Boxing, American football cause brain injuries.

2.) Too much brain work. We should use equal both sides of our brain.

3.) Brain stroke and brain tumor.

4.) Drugs like cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis, leads to brain damages!!!! When the people stop taking drugs for at least 5 years, the brain can heal by itself.

5.) Leaky guts. (Blog: Gut-brain connection)

Our brain has the ability to heal by itself. Better is to do a specific brain/mind training or brain rehabilitation to cure our brain.

Instead to put the people in jail for their crimes heal their brain!!!!

With meditation, we can heal our brain, and with the specific Brain Growing Qigong we can rehabilitate and grow our brain.

12 years ago, I began with the specific Brain Growing Qigong from Mantak Chia. And my mind became very creative and much better than ever before.

How would it be if you also learn this Qigong?

How would it be if this Qigong is easy to learn and fast to make?

We charge our brain with sexual energy to grow and rehabilitate our brain..

Males and females are different, do you agree? Ladies first! Females should squeeze their vagina and their anus, but should not press the buttocks muscle.
Males should pull up their testicles, ad some tension to their penis like when they urinate or ejaculate and squeeze their anus; they should not press the buttocks muscle.
You got it, is this easy? We call this kegel squeeze.

Imagine that you are a baby who is sucking milk from the nipple of your mother’s breast… when you are sucking milk, you assume that you are sucking the energy from your sex chakra upwards to your brain while you maintain your kegel squeeze.

When You breathe in:
1.)You suck the energy from your sex center to your crone chakra (brain).
2.) You maintain the kegel squeeze.
3.) You move your palms from your sex center upwards to your head (crone chakra). Your palms directed upwards, and distance 1 to 2 hands wide from your front side of your body

When you breathe out:
1.) You touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Exactly as every baby does when suckling milk!!
2.) You release your kegel squeeze.
3.) You move your palms from your crone chakra downwards to your sex center. Your palms directed downwards, and distance 1 to 2 hands wide from your front side of your body.

You can do this Qigong in a standing or sitting position.

You should do this exercise 100/day.

You can apply this exercise during meditation and everywhere else without the help of your hands.

My Video: The psychological results of 83000 brain scans
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio:

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast

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