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We are Overestimating what we are doing.

During the covid 19 crisis, half of the men said they have done most of the homeschooling. 3% of the women agree.

That we call Egocentric bias.
Most people think they do most of the work.

If we ask all participants from doing a certain task together we get 140% done for that task instead of 100%

For couples doing the homework together, it is over 100%

For couples making a mess or fighting against each other, it is again over 100%
They doing more of the work or causing more of the problems are over 100%,

Because we can vividly remember what we did but can’t remember what the other did.
So we overestimate our own contribution and underestimate others.

We underestimate that we are fortunate and that was one of the reasons for our success…

The circumstances play an important cause in our success.
For instance with our talents and hard work we never would make it in a poor country.

For instance, if we took birth in a wealthy country,
we need luck and talent/hard work to become successful.
That proofs also the statistic… Even if only 5% luck is necessary to become successful, then this 5% determines the success….
We are never in full control of our destiny!

People overestimate what they are doing and downplay the importance of luck/circumstances that contributed to their success.

The people who didn’t have that success, and failed, even worked harder, had more talent as the successful people are getting downgraded from the successful people as lazy, untalented, …

Successful people who think that they became successful because of hard work, don’t like to contribute a part of their wealth to others….
Successful people think that they are fortunate to contribute their wealth to others and they are happier and feel more gratitude.

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