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We should adore all women ..

And the women don’t want to see how much the males are suffering in a Relationship….

Imagine somebody is badly injured.
His Girlfriend is crying and asking:
How are you?
I don’t feel so well…
Why are you lying?
I can’t see you suffer, that breaks my heart.

This is the reason why males are drinking so much alcohol… They suppress their negative emotions to continue with their relationship.

I asked an Indian Taxi driver how many kids do you have?
He replied none…
Why? I don’t want to think about money all the time.

Love is not for males.
Patrick Liew said a male has to love his wife and his wife has to respect him…

How many times does a daughter get embraced compared to a son? 2.5 times more.

Sex is not for males.
Sex ceases after 5 years in most marriages… Even 50% of males marry a woman because of sex.

Fidelity is a big problem in today’s marriages …
Women are cheating much more than males.
In Germany, every fourth baby is procreated outside of the marriage.
Imagine, after 5 years, your wife doesn’t like to have sex with you and gets pregnant…

If a woman fails, regardless of where, she gets away with it, and the males get severed punished.

When dating, the females want males with many goodies and are even not aware of what she has to give the males in return….

What is about divorcing… The males have to pay like crazy until they go bankrupt…

These are the reasons why a yearly increasing amount of males don’t like to marry…

The worst country is Japan, where only half of the males like to marry.

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