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What have the Disasters to do with God?

My Video: What have the Disasters to do with God?

We can not blame God/Allah for any disaster or bad luck… because we are responsible for our life.

There was a Guru who was teaching faith… His disciples went in the jungle to collect wood and then a wild elephant troop were encounter them. One disciple didn’t run away, instead were facing the wild elephants. The other disciples were calling him: Go ! But he didn’t move… The elephants run over him… After he recovered the Guru asked him, why you didn’t run away? He said simple I had faith in God. Could you not hear God shouting: Go, through the mouthes from the others?
If we are open, then we see, hear, recognize the warning for a disaster quite before it happened.

I had warned the people for the nature catastrophes/ stock market crashes, nobody believed me as usual, … I said 2005, we are running in the nature catastrophic cycle (every 650 years) and the stock market crash cycle (every 50 years, and every 10 years) …
This means, the world has his cycles/mechanics and they run without that God interferes.
If we are open for our intuition, then we get the warnings. For the religious people like Bob Proctor, is the intuition the answer of God.

For what we need then God?
People who were challenging big catastrophes with all the nightmares/traumas could recover much faster if they had a positive belief…
(After a research from Hurricane Katharina)
A positive belief is, that you give “thank you” to God that you had survived, still alive… enough to eat…
A negative belief is, for instance that you think, God want to punish you… or the people for their sins… Or the devil had done it…

With a positive believe we go much easier through our life, we know that we don’t have anything under our control and trust God. That God knows it much better than us what is the best for us and that “his will” will happen. He will give us in the right moment what we need and not necessary what we want. We find inside of us peace just through our believe in God.
God is love and if we surrender to God we become what we surrender to.

For my personal life, I can prove that I got protected from God/Allah through the worst situation in life… I faced in the last 12 years 4 times the death, was one time clinical dead, one time my entire body paralyzed, no doctor could help me… And even 20 years ago, when I was living very risky and my friends are worrying like crazy for me… I said: I will prove that everything is under control of God… and at then end I asked them: Is there a God or not… They just shut up….

If we want to gain something, then we have to do also the work… If we want to gain the Highest/ Best we have to do a lot more… And this is so true for the inner path, belief and trust in God. We need the worst time in our life for developing love and faith for God/Allah.


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