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What is reality?

Our Reality is the emotions or emotional state of our consciousness.

When our emotions/emotional state changes, then also our beliefs about what is right or wrong, thoughts, choices, and actions are changing.
Because we are feeling beings that can think, mostly wrong, and our emotions or subconscious or beliefs are making our choices, that we afterward rationalize with our mind.

For instance, I have seen a short YouTube about American women in a female undressing room with a naked male…


I have studied at the University of Bremen/Germany and always when I went in the male undressing room, there were more females than males and so naked females under male showers!
Nobody cared!

All animals are naked, so what is the problem?

The cause of such weird behavior of the Americans is the emotional state or their reality or identity to be sexually uptight.

Some people are getting rich some not… what is the difference?
Their emotional state or reality.

If we think or believe negatively about money, money will not like us…
If we feel uncomfortable or scared to be together with successful and wealthy people, they will not like us.
If we enjoy the luxury and feel guilty about that…
If we have a bad consciousness of being richer than our friends or neighbors…

Then our choices and actions, cause that we have less or too little money or we are in debt without any wealth.
Or our reality, identity, or emotional state is of a poor person.

Because we are scared to be rich and successful.
We have minority feelings.
We feel we don’t deserve that.
And so we can’t get rich.

When we are scared to be nude in front of other people what should we do?

We go to nudist beaches or in a mixed sauna with naked people and face our fear, shame, guilt…
We expose our bodies until we are not scared anymore…
We look at the different sexual organs of the people until we feel comfortable.
After 3 weeks we have shifted our reality and become nudists.

Homework: What should we do when we like to get rich?

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