What is the Coronavirus?


Ask first these questions!

1. How is the virus identified? (lots of viruses can cause similar symptoms)
2. How resistant is the virus (what kills or weakens the virus)?
3. How contagious is the virus? (What is the Ro-factor= how many people can one person infect) One person infects only 2 people!!!!
4. What can you do to strengthen your immune system? (healthy lifestyle!)

The latest news from the World Health Organization (WHO) (March 11): 118.583 have it 4,262 died, 64,406 recovered.

If you see these facts, then it is just like a regular virus nothing special…
It is just like a normal cold, with coughing, sneezing, fever… nothing more!

The death rate inside of China is about 2%
Outside of China 8%.

Why is the difference?

If one is already severely ill and get this coronavirus infection and die …
What has caused his death?

For “outside of China” it was the Virus and for China, it was the severe disease the patient had before.
Only in combination with severe diseases or with a weak immune system the Coronavirus can kill…

Do you need a coronavirus to live a healthy lifestyle?
Live a healthy lifestyle and that will protect you!

No meat, no industrially produced food,… Enough body exorcises with fresh unprocessed vegetables and fruits that give your body vitamins and enzymes.

The question is who has caused this panic?

The USA to harm China?
Wall Street to gain momentum on the stock market or to monetizes on the “Pandemic Bonds” by the WHO (World Health Organization)?
The media to make huge money?
The Pharmaceutical Industry?
To cover up our financial crises, through money printing like crazy…

Or was it even the USA who have spread this virus to harm China and Iran?
If you look at the Geography from Iran … Iran has 12000 infected people and all Countries around Iran together have less than 500 infected people…
The countries Russia and Iran were visited from Chinese but Russia doesn’t have this Coronavirus infection…
Italy got very much Chinese Tourists but never can’t compete with Iran’s death toll of the Coronaviruses.

Understand the past!

On April 23, 2009, the pig and bird influenza happened and so even people got sick and died.
After several hundred cases a pandemic was triggered with 10 confirmed death….
The pharmaceutical industry made big money, so Wall Street…
And then shock-fears, sadness made this to a dream scenery for Wall Street…
Even more, it triggered a State health emergency where the politicians could force the people to take experimental drugs and put the people in Quarantine by the military.

And these so reliable WHO forecasted that 2 Billion people will die by this influenza…

Money, Money…

Every year dying 600000 people on cancer in the USA… 50000 people die by suicide in the USA… Is the influence so worse?

And now this Coronavirus Panic is even better….

The fall of the dollar and a 10 Trillion drop alone in US household assets…
Finally, the US government can devaluate the Dollar to get rid of his 20Trillions of Debt…

We have over 400Trillion of debt in the world.

More firms got bankrupt than people killed by this Coronavirus!!!!

And now the Countries utilize the Coronavirus … put the people in fear, prevent traveling, close borders and can so control the people, the banks, the money… All of what they want!
This is a dream scenery for all power-hungry politicians.
It works…

The famous Earl Nightingale proved: The Mass is always wrong!!!

My Video: What is the Coronavirus? https://youtu.be/1naoa_LVB0w
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio: https://rudizimmerer.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/6/what+is+the+coronavirus.mp3



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