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What to do when we have Cancer?

My video: What to do when we have Cancer?

Cancer is caused by the wrong life style and/or completely suppressing all negative feelings.

According to Dr. Bergman, the body is fighting every day against 13000 cancer cells. If our immune system is strong then cancer has no chance.
Why is western medicine fighting cancer with heavy treatments, like chemo therapy and radiotherapy, that work against our body?
The treatments further weaken our immune system! That sounds really insane.
After recently science research it is to 100% proved that Chemotherapy and all the other common drugs for healing cancer are not working and leads to death in many cases. See the links at the end of this Blog.

Science has proved that stem cells activate the immune system and regenerate the body. But the treatment is very expensive…
What is if you stop eating meat, dairy products (exception yogurt natural without sugar), white sugar, oil, industrial produced food,… and build up your gut flora with probiotics. Instead to buy the probiotic pills (they are ineffective, after 5 minutes in the guts the healthy bacterias from the probiotics are dead) make your own fermented vegetables…
Eat at least 7 spoons every day.
Then your body will produce 5 times more stem cells and it cost nothing.

Wheat grass juice is certainly a remedy that everybody should consider!

Ginger is killing cancer cells more effective then Chemotherapy.

And the strongest and best cancer cell killers are mushrooms …
The strongest Cancer cell killer is the Agaricus Blazei Murill from Brazilian, and you should import the extract also directly from Brazilian… because the Chinese ABM mushrooms are polluted and the Japanese ABM mushrooms are not so effective like the Brazilian.
The next strongest are the and RM-10Ultra from Japan (both you can buy as pills), they are used in 700 Clinics for Cancer treatments in Japan. You get these pills over the Internet. See the links at the end…

We need the best food (no industrial processed food, no meat, no white sugar no oil, no dairy products. Eat vegetable if possible raw, fruits) and really good exercise for endurance and stretching like Yoga, and Chi gong. Then in addition, with massages and acupressure, we make our body much stronger.
Every day I do a self massage with acupressure, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, and a half hour strenuous swimming, if I can do it then you can too!

If you don’t know what is the best for you: go to the Tao Garden/ Chiang Mai from Mantac Chia. He has all kinds of treatments, from Ajurveda, acupuncture, Chi Gong, to Osteopathy, and also western doctors.

An easy great cure!

The International Natural Hygiene Society treated cancer very successfully for over 200 years with nothing, only water.
No medication because this makes the body weak.
No treatment, for what?
Body exercise; because this makes the body stronger.
No food at all for at least 4 to 6 weeks until the body has eaten up the cancer.
No juice, because any nutrition that you give the body will feed the cancer cells.
Pure clean water, distilled water.
After the detox of the body, we can eat as much fruits and raw vegetables as we want. And we can drink raw vegetable and raw fruit juice.
All cooked food and meat are not allowed, because this makes the body acidic and therefore weaker..


How to strengthen our Immune system?


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