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What to do when we have stress or anxiety?

(Wisdom from Judaism)

Imagine you are on your death bed, do you remember your anxiety or stress from your childhood?

Why not?

How long do you need to go over your stress?
Did your anxiety or stress change the outcome/situation?
Did it happen in any case?
Could you change it?

For what was your stress and anxiety good, when it didn’t change the outcome/situation?

Was it good to increase your stress or fear?

Is it not better not to care for your fear or stress?

Is it not better to think, for what is fear or stress good, when it can’t change the situation or outcome?

Is it not better to let go of your fear and stress after you have felt them as fast as possible?

Zen Proverb: Feel your anxiety and don’t be the anxiety.

I was trekking in the Langtang Valley in the Himalayas…
Somehow, I imagined what will happen to Langtang when from these steep mountains on both sides an avalanche or landslide will happen…
It frightened me…
I arrived at a cafe where I could buy some apples and the owner was a previous mountain guide…
Good to talk with him, and I asked him.

What will happen if a landslide comes down to Langtang…

It already happened 2 years ago, the entire village was destroyed…

Why do you still live here in Langtang?

Why not?

Are you not frightened that this can happen again?

He answered: How long can you have fear?

After some time doing, again and again, a dangerous thing we lose our fear…
For what is then our fear good?
It never will protect us or help us…
It makes our life miserable.

And the same you can apply to every emotion…
Zen proverb: Feel your emotion and don’t be your emotion…
Let them go as fast as possible.

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