Why a conservative attitude harms us so much?

The world is changing and today very fast. A conservative attitude want that everything remains as it is…
This is Fear to change, fear of the future.
We want to be innovative and not to be conservative otherwise we can’t adapt in the best way to a situation. I bring here some examples:
In an interview with Berthold Beitz, Chief of ThyssenKrupp and Mannesmann to his 99th birthday… The reporter praised him of his heroically acts to save 800Jews in WWII and as a steel manufacture to create the third biggest mobile phone net in Europe… Berthold Beitz said simple, Stop I have done also many mistakes… I look only forward never backward…. I am focused what I can do now…and the past I let go…
Oh this is so good and he worked until he died, 11 month later.
Bhagwan/Osho was growing up at his grandparents. When they were traveling to the city his grand father died and his grand mother went never back even they had a huge house with many servants…? Then he asked: Why. His grandmother said, we never can go back because the world is changing. She became also Bhagwan’s first disciple.
Jesus said to Paulus: Let the dead bury the death people and come….
What us doesn’t serve anymore we let go… Otherwise it will pull us down!
A religious pundit defines God and what we should do. A religious person tunes in God, follows God and never define God, because God is changing all the time. So it never will exist a conservative God only an innovative God. Never define God or put God in a box. We even can’t understand ourself, how we can understand God? Be in the flow. The religious scriptures are just the index finger that is pointing on the moon, but don’t let your index finger become bigger then the moon (Zen).

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