Why are you not getting that?

We are going to workshops or reading articles that only our ego stops us to get what we want..
We never question that person who proclaims everything is possible…
And the motivational speakers are making a fortune on telling their lies…

You can only get what you want:

1. If you do all the things that are necessary.
2. If the circumstances are in your favor.
3. If your suppressed negative feelings are not sabotaging your outcome.
4. If God or the divine want that… God’s will should happen. And not what your ego wants.

These reasons you never hear from these motivational speakers…

For instance, Nick Vujicic, No legs, no arms, no worries, …
Nick got all what he wanted, even under terrible circumstances – he has no arms and no legs …

Why Nick got rich? Nick grew up with lovely parents who were not rich. Nick donated his money, earned from his motivational speeches to the poor people. He married a beautiful woman and got his kids… And later Nick made his fortune as a real estate agent.

And then I hear from the people, there is no God.

Nick wanted to make suicide with 14 years and thought, there is no God…
His parents told Nick. You can be thankful or you can complain… That is your choice!

Nick became a stout Christian. And wanted to do good. Because he suffered so much to depend on his family, who were sacrificing their energy and money to help him.

Have you ever helped so much other people than Nick?

You attract what is inside of yourself…

We depend on so many invisible things, that there is no rational path to become successful…
Because if we don’t attract the right circumstances or things, we never can be successful.

In this chaotic world there is some order… but mainly the world is chaos…

Science tried to find an easier way to forecast the weather…
And they made a mathematical model for the weather forecast…
Then they round off the amount to the 12 digits after the decimal point of one parameter.
And the weather forecast became different…

They called this the butterfly effect, this means one butterfly can change the weather in a time frame of 3 months…

Tell me please, what can you forecast? You even can’t forecast the weather?

My Video: Why are you not getting that? https://youtu.be/zeMEWwnWHP4
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio: https://rudizimmerer.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/6/Why+are+you+not+getting+that.mp3

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