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Why Boredom is Good For You ?

In a recent study, Participants were placed in a room for between 6 and 15 minutes.
They were given nothing except a button that they knew would shock them if they pressed it.
They were asked to entertain themselves with their thoughts, or they could press the button to shock themselves.

What happened?
Well, 25% of women and 67% of men shocked themselves.
Even they were motivated to get money when they not to shock themselves.

Conclusion: they rather experience physical pain than just be bored.

95% of American adults like to spend their leisure time in activities and 17% said they never like to spend their time relaxing and thinking.
Because that is boring and being bored is unpleasant.

When boredom happens the suppressed thoughts and emotions will surface after some time and so the mind is getting lost in thinking and feeling unpleasant things.

To avoid that, we want to distract ourselves with our smartphones or social media, or news or activities.

Boredom is not to have the option to be entertained.
Boredom is characterized by a lack of concentration, restlessness, and feeling lethargic.

There are so many options on our social media and internet not to get bored.

What you lose not getting bored?

1. The state of boredom is when we don’t focus on anything…
We don’t have Awareness, because we don’t watch our thoughts and emotions wander, without being identified by them.

2. We are afraid of our thoughts and emotions that we suppress when we are active or distracted.

3. In our boredom, we can get new ideas for taking actions that are useful for us.

What are the best aspects of boredom?

1. Through boredom, we let the mind wander and so we become more creative.

2. If we are bored, we can easier help people, because this will be rewarded than being bored.

3. Instead to consume social media or to distracted by your smartphone just let your thoughts and emotions wander… And then new things can happen…

4. And we can change our situation easier because we get the awareness that we are in the wrong place doing the wrong thing. Even so, we can change our goal setting so that we are less bored.

5. We can relax with meditation.

6. We can become spiritual through meditation and connection to God.


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