Why do we need Silica for stronger bones?

Have you seen in Asia, big buildings/bridges/ship constructions out of bamboo?

Bamboo is strong, flexible, and light.
The main component of Bamboo is Silica…

If our bones lack silica, then they break easily.
Older people suffer a lot from snatching bones.

The digestive system of the elderly cannot extract enough silica from the food anymore. Because they don’t take probiotics or eat fermented vegetables every day and they eat too less enzymes from fresh unprepared vegetables or fruits.

The bamboo leaf contains 70% organic silica. That means you would have to consume 10 cups of horsetail tea to get the benefits of one cup of bamboo leaf tea!

1 cub of Bamboo tea per day is enough.

You can collect the dry leaves from the ground near a bamboo bush when they are clean and make your tea out of it, otherwise, pick the leaves from Bamboo and dry them…

My Video: Why do we need Silica for stronger bones? https://youtu.be/CvQN19f5sag
My Audio: https://divinesuccess.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/Podcast2/Why-do-we-need-Silica-for-stronger-bones.mp3

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