Why is the Tantra the best path?

At least for the young people.

The sexual Tantra is using our sex drive to gain high spirituality …
And stupid people abuse that!

I will explain it here as a process of goal setting, so that everybody can understand why Tantra is working.

For our most desired goal, we should do our best to reach that goal…

Our passions should drive our motivation to reach that goal…

We should use all of our habits and abilities. .

What we don’t know we should learn…

What is the highest passion of young people or even of any animal?

That is our sex drive… Tantra wins!

Our most influenced part of our mind is our animal mind…
And the animal mind wants to create kids…

Sex is related to love…

If we desire somebody or love somebody (the word is in Spanish the same) then also it involves our sex… It is rather more that our animal mind drives our worldly love to create kids… The wise people say love is an illusion…
Or love makes us blind…

So why should we not use that illusion to build up divine Love?

For instance the greatest Sufi, Attar said, if you see faults, mistakes in your girlfriend your love is over… because a loving heart doesn’t see mistakes…
Attar said, the greatest renunciation/austerity is love. Because then we don’t care for anything else than for our darling…
Only our darling is important, nothing else.

Where is true love there is the Lord.

And Tantra teaches us techniques to unite with our darling by love.

Before we do so:
we have to get rid of any fear of sexuality,
and get rid of our identification with our body, the body or our darling and of sexuality… ,

For that has Tantra created techniques… For sure we have to meditate a lot.

If we surrender totally with Tantra to our darling, we will go beyond our identification to reach the divine or the Lord…

And at the same time, our body and soul are getting what they want. (Attar)

So what is wrong on Tantra?

Nothing! The problem with Tantra is that all of our impurities will surface and that hurts…

This is even true for everything. If we want to go beyond our limitation, we have to face our “demons” inside of us which hinder us to get what we want.

My spirituality started with sexual Tantra… and everything that I have written, I have experienced… I learned the sexual Tantra through the best Therapists of Osho.
(Tantra 1 by Rajen (Alan Lowen), Tantra 2 by Turiya and Prasad).

My Video: Why is the Tantra the best path? https://youtu.be/ObtxrNEz5lQ
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio: https://rudizimmerer.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/6/Why+is+the+Tantra+the+best+path.mp3

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