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Why should we believe in God?

For instance, Prof. Dr. Huberman explains why he believes in God.

Many things can sciences explain and many things science can’t explain…

And, all sciences are not denying the existence of God, even if they can’t prove it.

Even Einstein/Carl Jung believed in God…

Our brain can do incredible things and how is that possible?
Who has created the world, nature…?
What was first the coconut or the palm?
God who created both?!

We can’t control everything… or even very few things in our life to 100%.

We depend on so many things/people and circumstances to get the things that we want.

How can we attract the things/circumstances in our life?

So there must be something beyond our thinking.

Does praying help?
Does reading the Bible help?

Does praying can give us peace?

Try it out!
And so Prof Huberman tried it out and it works for him to find peace…
He couldn’t solve certain conflicts in himself and praying dissolved his conflicts…
He wanted always to have a deep connection to God…
Because he thought it would help.

The things he prayed for, were showing up in his life or the circumstances that he needed to solve his problems… Just so… Coincident? Or miracle?

If you want to make your body strong then you have to exercise your body.

And so it is with God…
Without effort, you can’t get anything!

Start your journey with God and read the scriptures, pray…

I never prayed…
I never was baptized.

I speak directly to God…
My journey to God was via Meditation, Tantra with my darling, and therapy.

I have written about the miracles that happened to me in my book: Have Faith In The Lord.

After reading, you can’t think anymore that were all coincidences….

I don’t care for religions and I have read the main scriptures from all religions…

A personal God relationship is the best for nearly everybody…
Regardless of which God it is…


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