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Xylitol for healthy teeth and no flossing anymore!

If I had this information 30 years ago, I would have saved so much money…
The Dentists are making big money and don’t tell us that every caries, root tooth inflammation, and caves are diseases of an unhealthy mouth flora caused by plaque bacteria and not from sugar!
And until we get that healthy mouth flora we will get caries…
We have in our guts the same problem!
For our guts, we need 85% healthy bacteria and only 15% not healthy bacteria.
The healthy bacteria are in charge of reducing the unhealthy bacteria and organisms.
If we kill for instance with anti-probiotics all bacteria in our intestines, then afterward the unhealthy bacteria and even dangerous organisms will dominate in our guts and make us ill! There exist so many bacteria that are probiotic resistant and even can kill us.
What to do?
Eat probiotics such as fermented vegetables, -fruits, or -Soya-beans, yogurt, or Kefir milk. Or take probiotic supplements…
If we kill with mouthwash all bacteria in our mouth, guess what happens? We get the plaque bacteria that are responsible for 100% of every tooth disease…
It is not the sugar that is destroying our teeth, it is the plaque bacteria…
Even a newborn baby got that plaque bacteria from his mother!
The plaque bacteria are very infectious…
But there exist even in this time some exceptional beings, that don’t have plaque bacteria!
From 1960 to 2007 there were a lot of researches on plaque bacteria and tooth diseases that prove what I am writing…
They collected a group of recruits that didn’t have plaque bacteria.
And half of the group got their dental cleaning from a Dentist and the other half did not. Then both groups were exposed to plaque bacteria…
Guess what happens?
The first group got heavenly infected with plaque bacteria, but the second half of the group did not.
What to do?
Everyone can get rid of these infectious plaque bacteria when they proceed with the formula from Dr. Ellie Phillips (books from her: “Kiss your dentist goodbye” “Mouth care comes clean”) it needs at least a half year.
The science-proven formula:
We take in our mouth 1 to 2g Xylitol and flush it with saliva all around our mouth/teeth for 1 minute… And that we do 5 times per day. After a half year, we see the results!
First, don’t disinfect your mouth with Hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, soda…
In the first month, You rinse your mouth with mouthwash without alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, soda, and coconut oil, after tooth brushing in the night and in the morning. And you put also a little bit of Mouthwash in your water of the water-flossing device.
You water floss after every meal.
With this formula, you should get optimal digestion by consuming fermented vegetables/beans or fruits.
So you get rid of all the harmful bacteria and support a healthy mouth flora.
When you eat fermented vegetables during the day, you get the healthy bacteria also in your mouth.
Then after one month, you can use only mouthwash with chlorine oxide before tooth brushing or the natural formula “One Drop Only” after tooth brushing.
Second, disinfect your toothbrush always after every use!
With chlorine or Mouthwash from Listerine or…
Brush your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed.
Use toothpaste with xylitol.
Eat probiotics every day.
Don’t eat junk food, or white sugar…(nearly all industrial processed food is with white sugar)
Stick to a healthy diet.
Don’t floss your tooth with dental floss, I explain later!
But water flossing is good!
We should take altogether 5 to 10g Xylitol  (1 Teaspoon of Xylitol is 5g) and split it into 5 portions at 1g – 2g and take after every meal 1-2g and 2 times after cleaning our teeth with the Xylitol toothpaste:
Crest cavity protection
Dentist’ Plus White,…
Start with Xylitol in smaller doses when you have leaky guts or other digestion problems… Speak with your doctor.
Besides that, Xylitol is a prebiotic fiber food that supports mouth and intestinal probiotic bacteria…
Xylitol helps to cure osteoporosis in women and helps/prevents nose, sinus, and ear inflammation.
Xylitol tastes like sugar and is also a substitute for white sugar.
We buy that organic Xylitol
Zellie’s Xylitol sugar-free…breath mint
Lotte Xylitol Chewing gum, take 2 pieces after consumption of food and after you have brushed your teeth.
So that we have a variety to choose from Xylitiol…
Why should we not floss our teeth with dental floss?
I explain with an example:
You do have an inflamed wound on your finger would you rub your wound on your finger?
For sure not, so why do you want to floss your teeth?
There is no scientific evidence that flossing helps!
With dental floss, you make your teeth even worse.
Water flossing you can do like I do to clean the gaps between my teeth!
It helps!
For dry mouth, I recommend to say for 2 minutes the Chinese Mantra:
Djung (Latin pronunciation of The “U” like the oo in  Book)

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