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Yachting and Dubai for Beauties to earn big money

Dirty money?
A frog cleaned the mud from the coin that he found on the bottom of the well and thought who cares… money is money!

How to make money in a big way and get great connections to become wealthy, and famous?

If beautiful ladies have a lot of Instagram fans… They get target from the wealthy people to come to Dubai or to do yachting…

For 1 to 2 Days in Dubai with free shopping, and free flights in business class, they earn $30000 to $50000….

All people know Meghan Markle, spouse of Prince Harry…
She had done yachting, for big money and a good connection to the show industry. And so she met Prince Harry when doing Yachting…

The downside of this business is suicide or dying from drug overdoses.

The contracts are straightforward about what service they have to deliver to earn that money.
Before they go, they know exactly for what they get the money!

The beauties can choose from all kinds of services including perverse sex…

If they can deliver that service,
without taking hard-drugs,
without getting traumatized,
without being money and fame addicted…
And enjoy socializing with wealthy and famous people from around the world…

Then it would be a perfect opportunity to earn money.

The best would be if they enjoy their service and save the money to invest the money in something that makes sense.

Today we know also in the porn industry is the suicide rate and drug addiction high.

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