5 Questions That Can Tell You If Your Partner Is a Perfect Match

What are the 5 things that should have a relationship to last for decades?

1. Pay attention to what your partner actually needs and give him/her that…
Understand what your partner needs (love language).
Show up and give what your partner needs, regardless if you like it or not, that can be foreign to you or uncomfortable to you.

What if you chose a partner who likes what you are giving to him/her.

For instance, you like to give your partner an awesome night with me, but maybe your partner likes to have an awesome night with his/her friends…
In this case, you say okay, even if it feels wrong/uncomfortable, go to your friend and be together with him/her… You should do so! And so you become that irreplaceable partner…

2. You have to work on yourself to become that lovable partner, the perfect partner who has his own purpose, builds up his own self-esteem, and is independent (only an independent partner can love, never a slave can love)

3. Vulnerability is absolutely necessary, it is active courage.
Vulnerability is something that is making me insecure and I share it with you because you are my partner.
Instead of sharing Vulnerability, we dump it… we fix it, we put a band-aid on it
A lovely partner will do everything so that you feel loved, safe, and secure.
Without Vulnerability, it is not possible to love…
Actually, our partner is doing the opposite we feel insecure, and the miner betrays us, instead to support us.
We should share honesty, vulnerability…

It is not the duty of your partner to carry you or to put a band-aid over your wounds…
Your partner should show up that is enough, so that you can share openly…
And this you learn in every self-experience group…
Let the people share their emotions without any interference, or comments, be present with an open compassionate heart…
Everybody is going through hard times, where he is needy, negative, boring insecure…
And told me, my therapist, she said if I am in a bad mood, accept that, I am not always perfect or understanding, I am a woman with emotions…
And here you can learn to deal with a real woman and not with a perfect therapist!

4. Teamwork
To be in a great team.
Looking at each other as a team
Don’t compete with your team partner instead support him/her.
Her success is your success…
Like to play music together, – Then you have to be in tune, in the same rhythms otherwise, it sounds terrible. You or your partner change the lead continuously like in Jazz.

Or like to be the flower and the Gardner… And you or your partner change from being the flower to being the gardener again and again…

5. Compatibility – that both have similar desires. For instance, one person needs very much sex and his partner doesn’t want so much sex or sex at all. Or one person is an overspender and his partner likes to save money and not spend too much money.
You can have love without commitment and you can have commitment without Compatibility,
Without Compatibility, no relationship will work out.

There are 4 stages in relationships
And all that is needed in a lasting relationship.

1. Admiration… you don’t have a relationship with that person, you admire and like that person…
2. Connection, you connect emotionally/sexually, both are attracted to each other, and common grounds
3. Commitment, both (this means one-sided commitment doesn’t work) are committed to be in that relationship. Many people stay/stacked in a sexual relationship that is actually no real relationship, it is without commitment, it is just casual and it never reaches that level of commitment with responsibility for each other.
4. Compatibility.


If you have 10 hours right now for him/her… What would you do for him/her?
And you don’t need to ask your partner what your partner likes to do…
If you can’t give this an answer, then you are in a weak relationship already.

My Video: 5 Questions That Can Tell You If Your Partner Is a Perfect Match https://youtu.be/3v468XGxhxY
My Audio: https://divinesuccess.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/Podcast3/5-Questions-That-Can-Tell-You-If-Your-Partner-Is-a-Perfect-Match.mp3

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