Abortion or not abortion?


Women are the only creatures that can create life…
The females are most important!

Males are superfluous…
You need only the sperm of a male to procreate and then you can kill the male!

This is the reason that males are more mission/goal -driven or to become a master, to create new things… than females.

Most aging women who never had children are feeling unfulfilled in their life because they didn’t live their life mission to be a mother!

In the Western World more than 1/4 of the kids had been unwanted kids… And the mothers took the responsibility to give birth to that unwanted kid.

Maybe you are like me that had been an unwanted kid?

Even you get that unwanted kid you can enjoy being together with that kid. And this kid will fill that void inside of yourself…

After some years, almost every woman who gave birth to that unwanted kid feel that the decision was the best to get that unwanted kid!

Almost every mother got the resources to grow up a kid!

Most of the women who made an abortion felt depressed/guilty/unworthy about the abortion and that often for their whole life.

Do you think honesty that you will have the grace of the Lord when you abort a kid?

Do you think that you will lose the grace of the Lord if you abort a kid?
For sure.

Nevertheless, I think that the women should have the option to abort a kid in the first 3 months of their pregnancy…

What do you think?

My Video: Abortion or not abortion? https://youtu.be/iIrud-HswRQ
My Audio: https://rudizimmerer.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/6/Abortion+or+not+abortion.mp3



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