We should avoid toxic people?

My video: We should avoid toxic people? https://youtu.be/fIXTInP5Xlg

Toxic people should be:
Who are violent…
Always criticize…
Forever negative…
Playing victim…
How would it be, if we look for the good in every person and for the toxic inside or ourself? The world would be much better!!!!!
Every great guy is looking for the good, otherwise we are just a vehicle from our negative mind, who wants us to protect and so is looking for the danger or the negative.
Fault finding in other people is the worst sin after the Srimat Bhagavatam.
Before we judge we should judge ourself…
Who is without fault should cast the first stone… (Bible)
Maybe we understand that what we see is what we have inside of ourself… Our mind compares his world with the outside world, what is not inside our world our mind can’t see…
Our sins we see first at other people (Goethe).
We attract what is inside of ourself.
Everything what we see is a reflection of ourself.

The greatest enemy is inside of ourself …and not that the so called toxic people… Because our mind repeating inside of ourself always something that had disturbed him. And after some time we get so negative programmed through our mind…

The feelings are driving the thoughts, it is science proofed that there is only a one way road between feelings and thoughts. We getting negative thoughts from our negative suppressed feelings… If we release our negative feelings, then we release also our negative thoughts.
If I find negative thoughts inside of my self, then I breath deep in the corresponding feelings and with the breath out I release the negative thoughts and feelings… I make this until the negative feelings/thoughts are gone or I make EFT (google it) or body workouts….

Jesus said: What you take in can’t poison you, what you give out can poison you…
So I don’t care for toxic people, I care for my poison inside and for that I am responsible.

Imagine your are in a big struggle/life crises and your friends label you as a toxic person, instead to help you, how would you feel?
My best friend was a slaughter, a killer for the intelligence service, a rowdy who were beating the people in the street or pubs… He wanted to become a friend of mine… I said no, because I am a vegetarian and very religion guy and this should not fit… And then I regretted my awful, harsh decision and said okay…. My friend had changed in the last 20 years…

Maybe these people in a life crises will make suicide… and this had happened in my life already 8 times… because the people didn’t like to help, instead were abusing these people in their life crises…
I have saved at least 3 people from suicide. One suicide candidate was even heavy under heroin, and I was hating all the drug addicts… still I helped…


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