Be a minimalist

How to enjoy your life with less more?

The idea is that you love what you do and that you have only things that you need!
You avoid all distraction to get more what you want…
And even distraction of TV or Internet you avoid…

The similarities to Feng Shui are that you surrounded with minimum things, and Feng Shui is much, much more.

The story of a Minimalist.

Joshua Fields Millburn grew up poor and went early in the sales business.
With 19 years, he earned about $50,000 but spent $65,000.
Always something was missing.

Joshua worked harder and got higher salary accumulated more luxury goods still felt something is missing and was already $500,000 in debt.

When he was 28 years old, he had a 6-figure income, he had all the luxury and had the chance to become the CEO after some more years.

Still, something was missing…
Joshua recognized that the people in the higher position felt rather more misery, and had heart attaches, got several times divorced…

Sure, he told himself he would be different when he would get their positions.
If you follow the same recipe, you will get the same.

Finally, Joshua thought I have to make some changes.

By 29 his mother died and he separated, both in the same month.
And then he started to question his life.

Joshua realized he was too focused on success, status and on the accumulation of stuff.

The problem is not the stuff but the compulsory accumulation of stuff.

The idea, if you get this or this you will become happy…
This never will happen…
We are chasing happiness.

With his focus to accumulate more success, status money, his whole life was wrapped or trapped…

The first thing he changed, to get rid of his identity and of his job title.
He would not answer the question what he is doing.
To the question what you do he answered, I am passionate about writing.
In return, he asked what you are passionate about. So, you connect much easier with an Alien.

Joshua read about the minimalists and integrated the ideas of the minimalists that suited him.

The problem is the hording, 300000 things/goods have the average American in his house/ apartment …

Within 8 months Joshua reduced 90% of his stuff and moved to a $500 apartment…

His colleague Ryan Nicodemos, recognized how happy Joshua became by adapting the rules of the minimalists… And asked what Joshua is doing…

Cool, I have to try it out…
Ryan was living in a 400 SQM apartment alone…
He put all of his stuff in boxes and unboxed the things that he needed in the next 3 weeks.
20% of his stuff he kept and the rest he donated or sold.

Then both opened a website

The idea is to let go the things that we don’t need.
And so, we appreciate the things what we still have…

We are wired for distraction so is it with hording and information from the Internet, TV…

Joshua stopped with the Internet for one month and that became his most productive month in his life…

Today, Joshua is married, has one kid, is living in a 500$ apartment without TV and Internet and is doing the things that he loves. In his own office, he has Internet.

Yes, I have lived over 35 years as a spiritual minimalist, I had even over 10 years no home. I settled down in Krabi and had less things, but for me too much and applied the Feng Shui into my house.

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