The biggest Regrets in our life

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We all should consider living a life that is worth to live so that we don’t regret that we have wasted our time for meaningless things. I got 2 studies about the regrets of terminal ill people.

I wish I followed my dreams and aspirations, and not to live the life that others expected of me. Don’t live your life for somebody else, live it for yourself. For sure we have to compromise. Still, we can live our things that are important for us. For instance regardless with which woman I was together, I made every day my meditation, exercise, Chi Gong, and ate my healthy food. And I never forced my spouse to follow me up!!!

I wish I didn’t work so hard. – I think we all have to work at least sometimes very hard. And I don’t bother for that.

We should not make a habit out of hard working. Because it will harm everything in our life. I got so sick of too hard working that I nearly died! Just to work very hard for more money doesn’t work out to live a happy, fulfilled life.

I wish I had the courage to express my feelings and speak my mind. If we don’t express our feelings and our opinions; we get isolated, can’t build up a real connection to people in our life and eventual we harbor so many suppressed negative feelings inside of ourselves so that we can’t enjoy our life anymore.

I wish, I had stayed in touch with my friends. If we are dying, we are missing our friends and really could see that instead of meeting our friends we wasted our time on Facebook, Smartphone, TV… How is it, just to phone right now your friends, spouse, parent, and say lovely words?

I wish I had let myself be happier. -Ask yourself right now, How you can enjoy your life more! And this ask every single day! And do it. This was my biggest regret when I lost my life (I was 3 times clinical dead, already).

Not to travel when you had the chance. You can gather billions of Dollars, at the end of your life only the beautiful moments are counting… and that are for many people the holidays abroad!!!

Staying in a bad relationship… Common, every relationship we can change to a good one. If we can’t change the relationship, have the bones and go out of the relationship. When I as a child watched the horrifying relationship of my parents, I got so scared, I suffered so much! Believe me, one thing, if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your children.
Caring too much about what other people think. We are not so important, nobody is thinking about us so much, then our self. In any case, it is their projection what they think… who cares?

Not playing with your kids enough… Instead to play on the smartphone (60% of the children complain that their parents are playing too much on the smartphone!).

Never have taken a big risk.

Not quitting a terrible job. If we can’t enjoy our job, we try piece by piece to change our attitude so that we can enjoy our worst task! And afterward, we do that with every task. Or get another job. (Remember that you maybe get in the same worse situation when you change the terrible job).

Not to realize how beautiful you are… learn to love yourself.

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