What has a Yogi in common with a rich, successful Man?

My YouTube: What has a Yogi in common with a rich, successful Man? https://youtu.be/L8ZHIn9djZE

Both can control their feelings.
Both can save money and are not overwhelmed from their desires of immediate gratification.
Both exercise self-control, discipline, and perseverance.
Both don’t believe in the fast get rich schemes, shortcuts, or on-demand pleasures.
Both understand that the materialistic world can’t make us happy.
Both understand that we can’t buy happiness or love.
Both understand to make their life simple, the rich delegate their work.
Both understand that identification is sorrow.
Both know that success requires self-mastery, determination, grit and hard work.
Both value their time, get rid of all unnecessary tasks, things, stress makers, stress, problems…
Both want to live a meaningful life.
Both understand at the end that worldly happiness or love never can combat against true happiness, love… or to connect to God.
Both loves what they are doing.

Warren Buffet said the different between you and me is, that I travel luxury and live simple.
This doesn’t mean that we should not go for our desires … We should be aware:
What we are making?
Why we want that?
Why we do that?
How we do that?
Is the stress it worth to get that?
Why we can’t control us?
Is this really important, or is this just an ego trip? (Remember 80/20 rule,- 20% are giving us 80% outcome)
How we can use our time better?
What makes us happy?
How we can enjoy our life more?
We should learn from our mistakes. Question us without mercy to live a better life.
Time waits for no one!

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