Broken Hearts

When I was a teen I was in love with the song Angie by The Rolling Stones.

Somehow this song Angie came true again and again in my life…

I was in deep love many times in my life and then crush …

It is somehow that we own a part of our darling and vice verses….

After the separation, we like to get our part back and we feel so incomplete that we have lost not only our part and also the other part of our darling…

And I think that is true. Because we are so identified with our love to our darling that it feels that we are torn apart.

Our daydreams are never coming true with an everyday happy marriage, kids, and everlasting love…

Life is different.

And if we would not have that dreams we could not love. Our animal mind is creating these dreams on a mental and on an emotional level to get that kid. It is just a survival mechanism created through nature. We can’t escape from that fantasias to be together with our dream partner.

Religion is telling us that all worldly love is an illusion.
Krishna said worldly pleasure is in the beginning Paradise and in the end Hell.

What to do after the end?

Go to your friends or to a therapist and tell with all of your feelings about your separation.

Let your feelings run, and your friend should be there without interfering, without giving advice…

Because you need a person that gives you compassion…

Maybe you move to another friend our community not to be alone.

Let your feelings go and let your dream die. Start with something new that is exciting for you. Be productive and don’t turn yourself down.

Never stay on your bad experience for a long time, it is a waste of your precious time. So faster you recover so better.

Meet new people be open to them and enjoy your time.

When you are open again for a new attempt, don’t expect again somebody who is so extraordinary instead look for somebody who is good and not perfect.

When You get in love again, just contact this person like you would contact a normal person. Or get the help of your friends.
You know already we are all full of faults and we are never perfect. Every person has something very disturbing for you, and that is the price of love.

Love is to accept the worst.

Look what you have learned from your previous mistakes in your relationship so that you don’t need to repeat them again…

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