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Can too much work kill you?

So many people, mainly managers are dying at their desks by overwork…

Japan called overwork Karoshi

WHO study: 488 Mill people were exposed to overwork risks by working long hours in 2016.

More than 745.000 Deaths were related to overwork in 2016.

From 2000 to 2016 Heart disease death up by 42%,
Stroke death up by 19%, by overwork…

People who work 55 hours/week (overwork) or more have the highest stroke risks, which means 35% higher stroke risks than people who work between 35 and 45 hours/week.
The risk of dying from heart disease is 17% higher for overwork.

In Asia is the risk of overwork much higher than in the USA, Europe, and South America only 5% doing overwork.
Typical in the USA people work 37 hours/week, UK 36 hours and in India 48 hours, in China 46 hours…

Asia is not well balanced for working hours.

What can help?
Take breaks.
Walk around.
& not taking work calls after your shift.


Health Risks due to overwork have been on the rise…
Overwork is even seen as a virtue.
Often confused with hard work.

How would it be that we care first for ourselves and then for our Supervisor?

What is overwork doing to you?

Sitting all time for long hours is the risk of heart disease and diabetes, stiff joints, and constant stress.

Stress releases chemicals in our bodies.

Stress leads to elevated Blood pressure and cholesterol.

Then the fear when our boss is calling…
That is literally killing us.

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