Change our life with forgiveness

Why we can’t change our life and become better if we don’t forgive ourself. I went through quiet a lot of bios and there exist no very successful person in any area who could not forgive himself fast. It is just like to give yourself a new life , a new chance, when you forgive yourself. If you can’t forgive yourself then you don’t have the power to start new. We all have failed, and then I see people who got sick, fat, depressed for the rest of their life because they could not forgive their self. Nobody can start new, if we hang on our failures, let them go. I remembered when I lived only from potatoes, apples, self baked bread and eggs for months in the cold winter time in North Germany., because I was bankrupt, and even happy that I had enough food, … my friend had good connection to the farmers, because he was slaughtering for them, and they were coming with their trucks to my home and gave me for free the food… Think over what is bad on that? Is loosing your face really what matters or loosing your faith that matters? And in relationships matters only one thing to forgive. If you can’t forgive yourself how can you forgive your spouse, friends… ? How is it if you make a list for the failures and bad things that you had done… And then feel the sadness and then forgive yourself and start new., For sure in the future I will make much more failures, because I know it doesn’t hurt anymore so much and I can risk much more… So I can start again and again new things and this will be exciting. To be an expert is boring and o be a beginner is exciting and fun.

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