Choose: Follow the good instead to follow the pleasant

A Little bit of Vedanta wisdom
If you have two choices to go for the better or to follow the path of pleasant, chose the path of the good, because the pleasant is mostly evil…
Sounds bad?
Medicine is bitter and disease is more bitter…
It is so hard to explain to a Thai person that wisdom because a Thai or an old person dislikes any bitterness…
For instance, herbs that cure cancer are awful to take…
If we don’t do our exercises for our body to enhance our body and mind, we are getting weak and in the end, we want to avoid pain…
Without pain, no gain!
Life is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. (Rocky)
It is easy to complain and abuse others for our shortcomings or ill-doing…
Complaining will almost not help.,…
I don’t mean that you should not protest against the corrupt politicians in the public or media… Otherwise, everything is getting worse.
We should always look first inside and look for the cause of our complaints…
And mostly the cause of complaints is ourselves.
However, despite seemingly unpleasant experiences by choosing GOOD – it ultimately leads to permanent satisfaction with self, the world, and everything. This is true independence. Freedom from dependence on objects for one’s happiness.
So then what is Freedom?
In short: Self-discipline. Intelligent self-control, according to the rules, injunctions, laws, and recommendations.
How to prove this?
Take the example of the road system. Isn’t it true that the ONLY reason you safely arrived from A to B, is because you and every other driver adhered to certain rules, injunctions, and laws set by the traffic authority?
Meaning you experienced FREEDOM driving because paradoxically, boundaries were set on how to drive.
Freedom is not a lack of rules!
And if we choose to follow the pleasant, we ignore the good and the real freedom!
So that the pleasant makes us weak and wrong.
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