Money doesn’t make you happy

From Bill Ramsey.

Money will make you more of what you already are.

Money doesn’t make you happy.

If you are unhappy and you get money you will be unbelievably unhappy.
If you are depressed and you get money your depression will darken.
If you are a jerk and you get money you become a big jerk.
If you are sweet and you are generous and you love giving, and you get money you become a philanthropist.

It doesn’t fix your marriage, if you have a bad marriage, it’ll make it worse.

1. Get on a budget.
A budget is people telling their money what to do instead of wondering where it went.

2. If you aim at nothing you will hit it every single time.

Winning at something is an intentional act.

No one accidentally wins.

The same is true for your marriage and great kids… You have to work on that.

Keep away wusses and jerks we don’t want those.

You need to have a plan and work on that.

3. Get out of debt

The borrower is a slave to the lender.
There is no good debt.
To buy things to impress people that you don’t like.
To afford a big house like your parents, but they needed 25 years to buy that house…
To compete with other people…
Comparison kills you.
People stay in toxic jobs to pay their bills, and women prostitute to pay their bills.

4. Foster high-quality relationships.

You know, you become who you hang around with.
Evil companies corrupt bad habits.
Who are the six guys carrying my casket?
Who are these men? Because those men are forming me.

5. Save money.

A Foolish man devours all he has… Bible.
Save for a rainy day.
Wise people save money.

Have a plan to go out of debt and be together with those people who save money…
Guess it will work.

God says to be outrageously generous but not in debt.

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